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Tiananmen Massacre Vigil in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the only place ( with Macau) on Chinese soil where major mass commemorations are held for the event. Candlelit vigils have been held in Hong Kong's Victoria Park every year since 1990, and recent events have attracted tens of thousands of participants.

On June 4, 1989 Chinese troops cracked down on pro-democracy protesters around Beijing's Tiananmen Square as well as 400 other cities around China where similar protests took place.

No official death toll has ever been released, but rights groups estimate thousands were killed and recently declassified documents by British intelligence mentions a new and more accurate figure of 10 000 victims while chinese authorities only aknowledged around 200 dead among the protesters .

Many people after the 4th june were arrested all over the country.

It is strictly forbidden to this day to commemorate or even to mention online or in books the event in mainland China.